Western PA Assemblies Hold Joint OV


On February 26, 2013, three Assemblies held a joint Official Visit for Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy, and Sis. Nikki Schafer, Grand Worthy Advisor. The Assemblies included were Faith No. 150, Ohio Valley No. 157 and Beaver Valley No. 187

The event was a Mystery Dinner in Neverland, with welcome and introductions done by Sis. Caitlin Gresham, Worthy Advisor of Ohio Valley No. 157, and Sis. Amanda Herzog, Worthy Advisor of Beaver Valley no. 187. Grand Officers present included Erin Polnar, Grand Choir Director; Margaret Herzog, Grand Musician; Amanda Herzog, Grand Representative to Alabama; Katie Hagood, Grand Representative to Georgia; Lauren Williams, Grand Representative to Indiana; Ashleigh Barlow, Grand Representative to California.

580882_10200706075554941_416268387_nAs the guest arrived they “ordered” their meal utilizing a coded system. The items were served then in order they were ordered, included food, utensils, beverage and a napkin. Members of the Advisory Boards served the meals in three courses. It was fun to watch as the courses were served and to see the reactions to what was placed in front of the guest. Some had to eat with their fingers, while  others had the hardship of eating their dessert first – jello in seven colors, sprinkled with fairy dust. In total, there were about 50 diners, including members of the Lilies of the Valley Pledge Group.