One Dressy OV

On March 17, 2013, Morrisville Assembly No. 107 held an official visit for Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy, and Sis. Nikki Schafer, Grand Worthy Advisor. The girls, along with two prospects, got together at A Musical Wardrobe, in Hulmeville, where they had a blast trying on a variety of costumes and dresses, ranging from SpongeBob and Snow White to beautiful, flowing ball gowns. There was even a snake outfit and of course, the traditional wedding gown with long train. With a warehouse of options to choose from, everyone went window-shopping crazy until they found just the right outfit to try on and accessorize. Even the adults joined in as fashion consultants to help the girls find the right sizes and colors.

Afterwards, the girls played improvisation games where they had to pretend to be a cat, or to be rich, or to even act like a guy. They also told stories around a circle, one sentence at a time. In the course of one of the stories, the Grand Worthy Associate Advisor, Sis. Kathryn Webster, was eaten by a unicorn! And, of course, the story wouldn’t be complete without some mention of Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. We rounded out the event of fun and fellowship with a picnic-style pizza party.