Sis. Betsy Plays Betsy

On October 3, 2013, the young ladies of Martha Assembly No. 11, meeting in Washington, PA, were treated to a special program. Members of the Valley of Pittsburgh, AASR, performed the “Lincoln Allegory” for the Assembly. This play, formerly a Scottish Rite Degree, is used by Valleys to explain the teachings of the Scottish Rite and how its Degrees are conferred.

This performance was even more special, as Mr. Don Boehm wrote an addition to the play which included a character called “Nurse Betsy.” Portrayed by Sis. Betsy Stowinsky, Grand Faith, the Nurse Betsy character marks the first time that a woman has been added to this production. Sis Betsy was excited to take the stage and enjoyed her experience very much.

Watching from the crowd that evening were several members of the larger PA Rainbow family, including Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy, and her husband, Dennis; Sis. Ashleigh Barlow, Grand Service; Sis. Moriah McGuirer, Grand Representative to Florida; and Sis. Holly Stowinsky, Junior Grand Executive.