Pledge Groups

Who can be a Rainbow Pledge?

Pledges are for girls between the ages of 6 and 11 who have been recommended by another Pledge, a Rainbow Girl, a Master of the Grand Cross, or any member of a Masonic Lodge, Order of the Eastern Star, Order of the Amaranth, or White Shrine of Jerusalem. A Masonic connection is not necessary for membership.

Are there any dues or other costs?

There is no Initiation Fee or Dues collected from Pledges.

When are the meetings? What should I wear?

Pledges have one formal meeting a month, usually beginning at 6:45 p.m. in conjunction with their local Assembly.

Pledges are to wear short white dresses, or a white skirt with a white blouse. Shoulder straps should be at least 1½ inches wide. Skirts no more than 1 inch above the knee. Also white dress shoes with white socks or white pantyhose. Hair is to be neat and away from the face. Nail polish, if worn, is to be light in color. Only one pair of earrings, if worn.

Installation is held twice a year in March and September. The top officer is known as the Pledge Sister. The Pledge Sister should be at least 9 years of age, if possible.

Pledges are encouraged to assume responsibility for their meetings. (refreshments, games, crafts, etc.)

What kind of expectation are there for the parents and the members?

Parents are encouraged to attend all Pledge meetings, activities and events.

Pledges, or parents, are expected to call the Pledge Mother to be excused. This encourages personal responsibility. It also helps the Pledge Mother and Pledge Sister to make better meeting plans.

There is no running before, during or after meetings.

All Pledges are expected to learn the Pledge song, “Blessed Be The Tie That Binds.”

Pledges and Parents are encouraged to read the newsletter so they know what is scheduled and planned.

When do Pledges become Rainbow Girls?

Pledges become inactive on their 11th birthday and may not then vote or hold office. In the event the Pledge Sister reaches her 11th birthday during her term, she may complete her term of office. All Pledges receive a Rainbow Petition when they turn 11. Petition must still be properly recommended and approved in accordance with Supreme Statutes.

For more information on Pledge Groups please contact the Supreme Deputy.