A Message from the Grand Chaplain

By Sister Katie Lasswell

CarpenterChapel_2_09Hello everyone! I have had an amazing year serving Pennsylvania Rainbow as Grand Chaplain. I learned more about our fraternities with every worship service, and I hope that you each learned some new things too.

My messages at Patton Campus have explored the connections that Rainbow has to other Masonic bodies. I started with our brothers and sisters in DeMolay and Job’s Daughters. DeMolay has a station of Patriotism, just like our indigo bow station. Job’s Daughters is founded upon the undying faith of the Biblical character Job – his faith led him through life’s trials just as Faith led all of us through our initiations.

At the Super Hero Training Weekend, I chose to talk about the White Shrine of Jerusalem. This adult organization tells the Christmas story, focusing on the hope that Jesus brings to God’s people. That hope always awaits us, no matter what good or bad things are going on in our life. There will always be Hope to help us carry on.

At the Grand Officer weekend in January, we learned about the Order of Amaranth. The Honored Ladies and Sir Knights of Amaranth have the office of Charity as one of the stations around the altar. Just like our Sister of Charity, this station encourages us to give whatever we can to help others in need.

At the Drill Weekend in March, we discussed the virtue of Service through Shriners International. All of the Masonic organizations focus on serving people, and the members of Shrine truly exemplify this with the work that they do to support the Shriners Hospitals for Children. They serve the patients of these hospitals by giving their time to drive the children and their families, by sharing their talents as clowns to cheer up the kids, and by providing donations so that the children can receive the care they need free of charge.

All Call Weekend is always the biggest Patton weekend of the year, so I decided to talk about the biggest of our orders, Freemasonry. The Masons are a brotherhood, dedicated to each other and to making the world a better place. They are loyal to their brothers, and to their vows, because they have Fidelity, and they understand the importance of keeping your word so that others can depend on you.

For the last Patton weekend of this year, we learned about the Order of the Eastern Star. The five points of the star are like our seven bow stations, with a color representing each important lesson. In Eastern Star, these lessons are told through the stories of distinguished Biblical heroines. The red ray of Electa represents love. Our love must embrace all people, even when others do not make that easy to do.

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to explore these values that we share with our Masonic brothers, sisters, and sponsoring bodies. I still have one more connection to share with everyone, so be sure to come to the Grand Assembly Worship Service!

PA Rainbow Suppots Vets with Paver

RainbowEarlier this month, the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania dedicated a new monument on the grounds of the Masonic Village at Elizabethtown. The edifice, composed of an eternal flame mounted on an obelisk, will stand as a testament to those who have served our country and died bravely for it. Around the base of the monument are pavers and bricks, each inscribed with a name or message from a person or group who contributed to the cost of building the momument.

In support of this undertaking, PA Rainbow purchased a paver to honor all of the men and women who have given of their time, and in some cases of their lives, to keep our country free. We hope that each time a Rainbow Girl stops at this monument, that she’ll take the time to thank the veterans of our nation.


An Update From Mrs. Snedden

sneddenThe good news is, PA Rainbow has maintained its membership through 2012. The total number of Rainbow Girls in PA December 31, 2011 was 325. When all the 2012 annual reports were in and the membership numbers totaled, we initiated as many girls as reached their majority. We are excited about our future as we continue to grow.

  • The better news is, we have been growing our Assemblies from the Pledge Groups. One example of this is Kittanning Assembly No. 39. The Assembly had one Rainbow Girl left on the books. There were no meetings, activities or events. I, Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy, was approached by some Eastern Star members at Grand Chapter who asked, “What can we do to keep Rainbow in Kittanning?” and “How do we start all over to have an Assembly?”
  • An organizational meeting of interested Masons and Eastern Stars was scheduled and a plan was outlined and put into place. Under the direction of then DDGM Roger Johnson, Kittanning East Brady Lodge No. 244 and Seneca Lodge No. 805 added their support and became additional sponsors along with Kittanning OES Chapter No. 271.
  • At Grand Assembly 2011 two daughters of a Kittanning Rainbow Majority Member proudly joined their mother’s Assembly. However, living over two hours away they are not able to be active members. The other member is currently going to college in Florida.
  • v  The new Advisory Board put most of their efforts into establishing the Little Sunbeam Pledge Group. There are eight girls who regularly attend Pledge. They are able to hold their meeting on the second floor of the Masonic Lodge Building where a dedicated Rainbow room has been established.
  • The best news is, the first Little Sunbeam has turned 11 and was extremely excited to become a “real” Rainbow Girl. On Monday, February 25, 2013 she was initiated into Kittanning Assembly. The Grand Worthy Advisor, Nikki Schafer, and 10 other Rainbow Girls from Irwin Assembly No. 42 and Vandergrift Assembly No. 105 conferred the degrees. It was a beautiful night. Kittanning Assembly is another shining example of how an inactive Assembly can regroup and start again.


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