Hittin’ Pins with Reading No. 33 at OV

By Sis. Rebecca Hill 28

On Saturday, February 8th, 2014, Reading Assembly No. 33 held their official visit for Sister Kathryn Webster, Grand Worthy Advisor and Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy, at Berks Lanes in Sinking Spring, PA. In attendance were several Grand Officers which included Sister Rebecca Hill, Grand Hope, Sister Amanda Lewis, Grand Treasurer, Sister Ashley Loeb, Grand Chaplain, and Sister Alicia Daniels, Grand Representative to Maryland and Personal Page to the GWA. Also in attendance were the members of Reading, several board members, and several young Rainbow Connection Pledge girls and their parents.

During this official visit, the girls brushed up on their bowling skills and scored some amazing points that Mr. Shaw would be proud of! Some of us tried different ways to get the ball down the lane but it mostly consisted of gutter balls. It was an afternoon filled with laughter, pizza and fun!

Rainbow Honors OES in Reading

honordayOn Saturday, February 8, 2014, members of Pennsylvania Rainbow gathered at the West Reading Masonic Center in Reading, PA,  honor Mrs. Virginia Plyler, Worthy Grand Matron, and Bro. Edward Seiter, Worthy Grand Patron of the Order of the Eastern Star in Pennsylvania. The event included a Rainbow initation and a luncheon.

Sis. Kathryn Webster, Grand Worthy Advisor, presided over the event, with other Grand Officers assisting in various stations. In total, 95 people were in attendance. They witnessed a fantastic performance of the Rainbow ritual, including a very sharp Cross Formation. Two young ladies from Carlisle Assembly No. 171 were initated during the work.

Thank you to the Order of the Eastern Star for all you do for PA Rainbow!


Ohio Valley No. 157 Hosts OV

11958962634_17012d3710_cOn January 12, 2014, the Sisters of Ohio Valley Assembly No. 157 held their annual official visit for Sis. Kathryn Webster, Grand Worthy Advisor, and Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy. Also in attendance were several Grand Officers, including Sis. Lisa Walker, Grand Worthy Associate Advisor; Sis. Katie Lasswell, Grand Charity; Sis. Stephanie Rickert, Grand Recorder; Sis. Amanda Herzog, Grand Immortality; Sis. Lauren Bono, Grand Fidelity; Sis. Kayla Grudowski, Grand Standard Bearer; and Sis. Camryn Grudowski, Grand Representative to Kentucky.

Ohio Valley’s Official Visit was an Initiation meeting when two former Lilies of the Valley Pledge girls joined the Assembly. The meeting was wonderful and well attended. Following the meeting there was light dinner and lots of fellowship. Special thanks go out to the Assemblies that helped make for a great visit – Martha No. 11, Irwin, No. 42, Faith, No. 150, Hope, No. 186, and Beaver Valley No. 187.

Martha No. 11 Holds OV

On Saturday, January 11, 2014, Mrs. Helen Snedden, Supreme Deputy, and Sister Kathryn Webster, Grand Worthy Advisor were guests of Martha Assembly No. 11 for an Official Visit. Grand officers present were included Sis. Betsy Stowinsky, Grand Faith; Sis. Ashleigh Barlow, Grand Service; Sis. Libby Barlow, Grand Representative to California and Sis. Moriah McGuier, Grand Representative to Florida

For the event, the Assembly traveled to the Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh. The girls did a lot of exploring through the submarine, antique bicycles, robots and much more. Martha’s Pledge Group, the Cherry Blossoms, joined in the fun too. There was also a trip to the Sports Works part of the Science Center. A highlight of the day was the laser show “The Land of Oz.” The group learned facts, had fun, fellowship and food.

PA Rainbow Rings in New Year with Residents

photoThe Rainbow Girls in western PA had a New Year’s Eve (in the afternoon) with the residents in the nursing home of the Masonic Village at Sewickley. Almost 90 residents enjoyed the singing, dancing and entertainment. At the “midnight hour” the girls lowed a “crystal ball”, rang in 2014 and then all joined in singing a chorus of “Auld Land Syne.” The girls served fancy cookies and escorted each resident back to their room. Assemblies represented were: Martha No. 11, Irwin No. 42, Pitcairn No. 90, Faith No. 150, Ohio Valley No. 157, Hope No. 186 and Beaver Valley No. 187. There were 26 Rainbow Girls who enjoyed sharing the afternoon with the residents.