Sister Calista Cavanaugh – Grand Worthy Advisor 2019-2020

For those who may not know me, hello! I am from Easton Assembly No. 38. Currently, I am a student at Northampton Community College majoring in Early Childhood Education and love working as an early childhood development teacher in Nazareth.

Like many, I joined Rainbow when I was eleven years old at Grand Assembly in 2010, and I distinctly remember being in awe of the Grand Officer’s presentations. Do you remember dreaming of doing the things they could do? I went on to be Worthy Advisor of my home assembly and was honored to serve Pennsylvania Rainbow as Grand Representative to New Jersey and Connecticut, Grand Service, Grand Nature in, Grand Chaplain and Grand Charity this year. Through it all, I wished I could serve more. I wished I could do more for the organization that has given me everything; all the lessons that we all apply in our everyday lives, all the connections and friendships we’ve made throughout the years, and all the good in our hearts we feel from doing service.

Here is a familiar story. Once upon a time, there lived a lonesome toymaker. He worked tirelessly every day for years and years making toys for the children just dreaming of the day he would have his own child. He wished on a star for a boy of his own, but his wish, being as tricky as it is, was granted only partly by a magic wishing star fairy. She told the old toymaker that he could have a boy of his own to love and care for, if the boy could prove himself to be brave, truthful and unselfish. The boy went along his journey and faced many challenges on the way, but, always listening to that little voice guiding him, he eventually proved himself to be everything he believed he could. And the magic fairy came back and granted him the gift of being a real boy. Allowing him and his father to live happily ever after. The end.

Now, looking back at the recurring themes I’ve been holding onto since I was a girl: dreams and wishes. I dreamed of being the leader that stands before all of you now. And really, all I did was have a goal, a plan. I worked hard and believed in myself to get to where I am. So a theme: Believe You Can. EVERY person sitting in this room has dreams, wishes, and goals, that they are working towards. A dream is simply a goal with a due date. I believe that you have all the tools you need to achieve your dreams. Rainbow gives us the tools we need to be successful in achieving all of our dreams, wishes and goals.

So I have my theme, and needed something to back it up. Something that portrayed every part of my theme and that I believed in with all of my heart. Naturally I was thinking of Disney characters and was trying to decide,what was the biggest Disney wish come true? And then it hit me: Pinocchio. He faced his inner and outer Monstros, I mean monsters, and conquered at the end of the day. He believed he could, so he DID. His story serves as an example that you can do anything you put your mind to if you believe hard enough, work hard enough. Ask for help from friends along the way and ALWAYS let your conscience be your guide.

So, this year, Pennsylvania Rainbow. I believe you can. I want you to believe you can. I want us to help each other, Believe You Can. You’ve got NO strings to hold you down. With our friends Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket at our ready, we can accomplish anything and everything we put our minds to. In addition to our state charity, “My Stuff Bags,” my chosen charity this year is the “Make a Wish” Foundation. Make a Wish grants wishes to children with critical health conditions in hopes to lift their spirits and get them to believe in themselves. The colors are “Puppeteer Purple” and “Fairy-Magic Blue.” The bible verse is John 15:7 “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish and it will be done for you.” The symbols are Wishing Stars and Music Notes. The flower is the lilac and the song is “Wishes” by Peabo Bryson and Kimberly Locke.

Petition incentives this year – every girl who first-line signs one petition will get their name on a Wishing Star at next year’s Grand Assembly. Girls who first-line sign three petitions will receive wind up music boxes. And the girl who first-line signs the most petitions will receive a stuffed Jiminy Cricket.

To Pennsylvania Rainbow, thank you. The biggest reason I am here today. Each of you have shown your support and believed in me in your own way and now I want to give back. I want to help make your dreams come true just as you’ve helped mine come true. This year, let’s dream the impossible. This year, let’s grant some wishes. This year, let’s Believe You Can.