Sister Nikki Roland – Grand Worthy Advisor 2018-2019

I’m Nikki Roland and I am honored and very excited to serve as Grand Worthy Advisor of Pennsylvania Rainbow for 2018-2019. To get to know me, here are a couple of quick facts about me. I joined Altoona Assembly No. 188 in 2009 and I am two-time Past Worthy Advisor. I have had the honor to serve PA Rainbow as Grand Representative to Virginia, Grand Standard Bearer to the Pennsylvania Flag, Grand Service, Grand Nature, Grand Fidelity, and Grand Worthy Associate Advisor. I am also a proud member of Altoona Chapter No. 290 Order of the Eastern Star and Juniata court No. 121 Order of Amaranth. This Fall, I begin my junior year at Shenandoah University where I am majoring in History with a minor in Theater, Global Studies, and Public History.

Not too long ago, I came to a realization and promised myself… that I would be myself. Growing up, we all have questions. What brings out the best in me? What brings out the worst? What skills do I possess? What makes me happy? While in a Philosophy class, we learned the Latin phrase, Sapere Aude, which loosely translates to “Dare to Know”. In that moment, that became my motto because I wanted to be more daring in my life. I wanted to know, think, and believe in myself. I challenge everyone to dare to know who you are, and become more your own person. To know what your strengths and skills are…and to be daring enough to discover your weaknesses. To dare yourself to step out of your comfort zone. To dare to try new things. And Rainbow is the perfect guide to accomplish all of that.

Now, onto the theme. When picking what theme I wanted for this next year, I went through many, many ideas. Did I want Disney? Did I want Theater? Did I want History since I am a history major?  I wanted something that represented me, my sisters, and friends. A story that has always meant so much to me. A story that has always been a part of my life. A story not only with the characters, but also the beautiful messages. So, for this year, we are going to travel to 17 Cherry Tree Lane to meet the Banks family and their nanny, Mary Poppins.

Our colors are Chim Chiminey Green and Jolly Holiday Blue. My bible verse, which relates to my motto, is from Proverbs 18:15, “An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” The symbols are kites and umbrellas. Our mascot will be the Penguin from the Jolly Holiday Tea Party scene. The flower is the Daisy. My song is “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac. The lyrics of this song are inspiring. In the chorus, it says “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow. Don’t stop, it’ll soon be here”. My charity is the Autism Society of America. This charity seeks to aid those individuals with autism, as well as their families, to maximize their quality of life. This society provides information for care, treatment, education, medical, and habilitative services, as well as providing activities, like summer camps, for those affected by autism. For those of you who don’t know, my brother has severe Autism. Thankfully, there are services out there that are helping to teach him, and other autistic kids, the physical, verbal, and mental skills they need to adapt.

The Membership incentives for this year are each girl who is a first-line signer on at least one petition will receive a cutout kite with her name on it, which will be hung from the archway of the doors at Grand Assembly. Each girl who is a first-line signer on three or more petitions will get their own personalized umbrella. And the girl who is a first-line signer on the most petitions will receive her own large stuffed penguin.

One night, while watching Mary Poppins with my family, something happened that was a bit unusual. My brother, who usually likes to keep to himself, came in to watch also. We were all stunned when he started to dance and knew the entire choreography to the Penguin dance. Not only did he know the moves, but he danced it in his own way. I knew then that I had picked the right theme and the right motto: “Dare to Know”. Dare to Know means learning who we are, being confident in our abilities, and most importantly, stunning the world by dancing your OWN dance, especially when the penguins arrive.

Respectfully Submitted,
Nikki Roland
Grand Worthy Advisor, 2018-2019